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The Warming Hanger

The Warming Hanger

The Warming Hanger: nice and effective campaign by Samusocial Romania.

Samusocial provide care and medical ambulatory aid and nursing to homeless people and people in social distress. There are too few shelters to help all homeless in Bucharest therefore warm clothes are very much needed.
This winter they partnered up with two dry cleaning chains to collect clothes for homeless people. They did it low-cost with clothes donation pledges on hangers.

The result: 1 tons of clothes for 5000 homeless people. Total costs: 645 Euros.


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The Warming Hanger campaign reminds me of one of my first blogposts ever:


Fundraising at the Belgium retailer C&A for Unicef. Children clothes made from newspapers width this text on the label:
“Is this the only thing homeless Pakistan children will have this winter? Help them with a gift at the pay-desk.”

Another one from a very old blogpost (2006)

Donnons un toit à ceux qui n’en ont pas.
Let us give a roof to those which do not have any.

Streetart from Samusocial de Paris.

Agency: TBWA Paris

Samusocial Romania

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