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The World’s Most Valuable Social Network

The World’s Most Valuable Social Network

No, it’s not Facebook. But it does use the robust reach of both FB and Twitter to forn online search parties for missing children in Canada:


Created by Grey Canada for the Missing Children Society of Canada, this web app allows Facebook and Twitter users to opt-in and let their networks be used as automatic broadcasters of missing children alerts in their area.

So many of us try to do this manually, but end up forwarding amber alerts that are hoaxes or out-of-date. This automated system, which claims to be minimally intrusive, uses permissions and geolocation (along with Poynt) to be as precise as possible for the most effective use of networks.

According to MCSC:

When an active missing child investigation takes place in the user’s area, MCSC will push a message directly to the user’s social feed. Rather than relying on MCSC followers sharing information, this cutting-edge innovation created by MCSC’s ad agency, GREY Canada, ensures timely and accurate information is being broadcast directly to the World’s Most Valuable Social Network’s users’ friends and followers. As this system will be reserved for only the most critical situations, on average users can expect only a few alerts in their region each year.

I expect many social media users will be cautious about allowing this kind of permission to a third party, especially if they’ve been burned before. But MCSC promisies, “Users can choose to link their social networks for a day, a month or indefinitely and can modify their settings at any time.”

See a video after the break. Or check out network here.


Missing Children Society of Canada
Grey Canada

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