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#thegaysweater challenges our vernacular

#thegaysweater challenges our vernacular

This art project, by the Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity, has gone viral in North America. Knitted from human wool (spun from hairy contributions from the heads of LGBT Canadians) the sweater is currently on tour.

The purpose of creating an object that is literally “gay” is to make youth more aware that casually using “gay” as a pejorative term for people, things, or events is deeply hurtful to many. (Similar to how advocates of people with intellectual disabilities are campaigning against pejorative use of the word “retarded.”)

From the info kit for students

From the info kit for students

It’s a successful awareness project, but I had to admit the idea of wearing a sweater made of human hair unsettled me a bit. Which CCGSD was cool about.

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