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There are more victims of child labor than LinkedIn users

There are more victims of child labor than LinkedIn users


Data in social advertising is important. It puts causes in perspective. Did you know that there are more victims of child labor than LinkedIn users?
That children who work would be the fifth largest population in the world? Are the double of people who watch the Super Bowl? Are more than the inhabitants of Brazil? Are more people than Germany, England and France together?

These facts are the idea behind the new campaign from Advertisers Without Borders (AWB), the community of advertising & communication professionals who have a true passion for social causes.
Our ally Guillermo Caro did a great job with this campaign.

They based the campaign on LinkedIn, one of the largest professional networks on the Internet. This idea, created by Coupé Buenos Aires agency and IURL digital agency, was born when the found out that LinkedIn does not have a user age limit for creating a profile or generating the job search. Any child can register as a candidate/independent worker without being stopped. The campaign is not intended to damage LinkedIn’s image. This site was simply chosen for being one of the world’s most important professional networks.

AWB made profiles on LinkedIn to activate this campaign. More than 50 children and 10 companies working with minors were placed on the site. Immediately, all children were connected to hundreds of thousand users through a professional request sent from the site. The people contacted received the request that, symbolically speaking, invited them to accept the reality of child labor or to continue ignoring it.

Visit the campaign website here.


Advertisers Without Borders
Coupe Buenos Aires
Additional credits:
Ceo: Pablo Gil
General Creative Director: Coco Olivera
Head of Art: Nicolás Foresi
Copywriter: Nía Martinez
Digital Production: iURL
General Account Manager: Alex Smith
Project Manager: Luciano Sbarbati / Libia Puente
General Art Direction: Veronica Smith
Art Direction & Design: Silvina Molnar
Photo Selection: Ariel Horton
Creative Assistant: Agustin Pelliza / David González
Web Developer: Matias Alvarez Arcaya / Mariana Hernandorena / Germán Lugo Smith Photography: Latinstock – Julieta Korenman
Client Responsible: Guillermo Caro
Press: Lucía Cozzitorto – Silvio Acevedo
Translation: Vanesa González

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