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There’s no such thing as an old junkie

There’s no such thing as an old junkie

Hardhitting video with elderly junkies. “There’s no such thing as an old junkie.”
“I wanted to create a juxtaposition: obviously there’s no such thing as old people doing drugs,” director Arran Bowyn told “The point is that if you do drugs when you are younger you’re not going to live to be that age.

“It was originally set in an OAP home but we decided it would have given the impression that people are actually prescribed these drugs,” he added. “With that in mind we developed it further so that it was set in each of the individuals’ own environments.”
The characters were commissioned through a combination of street casting through Mark Summers and traditional casting using Spotlight. Bowyn said that teaching the talent about different methods of drug-taking was an interesting aspect of the shoot.
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