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These are the best people to give the Down Syndrome Answers

These are the best people to give the Down Syndrome Answers

Where are you going with questions about health? Yes, that Google page. And that is exactly the fact where this new campaign of the Canadian Down Syndrome Society (CDSS) is based on.

Discovering that an unborn child has Down syndrome can be a confusing and stressful for parents. They often have many questions about what Down syndrome means to them and their child — When will they walk? When will they talk? How long will they live? These are the questions for a search on Google. The Canadian Down Syndrome Society serves the searchers with the “Down Syndrome Answers,” a series of short videos that feature people with Down syndrome answering parents’ most-asked questions.

Nancy Crimi-Lamanna, Chief Creative Officer at FCB Canada, the agency behind the campaign:

When parents get a diagnosis, they always have questions even after speaking with their doctor. At that point, they inevitably turn to Google looking for answers. When we met with CDSS, we realized that people with Down syndrome are most qualified to provide those answers, but without a good search strategy, there’s no guarantee people will find them.

The form used by the agency is awesome. They asked 10 Canadians with Down syndrome to give their answers.

Jeff Hilts, Chief Creative Officer:

Just by casting real people with Down syndrome we start to dispel some misconceptions about the developmental disability. But what will really make this campaign effective is ensuring people find the videos first when they turn to Google looking for answers.

See all 38 videos here.

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