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These dog detectives need help to uncover the truth

These dog detectives need help to uncover the truth

A campaign on a heartbreaking subject which you can watch with a smile. That is this humorous dog detective video from international animal charity FOUR PAWS. It is a call to classified ad sites to improve their procedures for selling pets online.

The charity did research and discovered that sick, dangerous and illegal animals are being sold online. The research, carried out on 42 classified ad sites across 10 countries, discovered numerous illegal and irresponsible postings such as a pitbull being advertised for professional dog fighting, a marmoset monkey being advertised for delivery via courier, endangered and wild caught species being sold as pets, animals being swapped for inanimate objects including a parrot swapped for a laptop – all of which should have been prevented from being posted on the sites.

Some sites, like those from the eBay Classifieds Group, have as many as 200,000 adverts featuring pets for sale online at any one time. Because of poor regulation these sites become a haven for deception and animal suffering. FOUR PAWS ask the public to stop the pet deception and build this campaign website.

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