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These Jews and Arabs kiss to protest

These Jews and Arabs kiss to protest

Extensively kissing on video is done before. Sometimes it is simply marketing like First Kiss. Or it is relevant advertising like this TV ad for a Portuguese Film Festival. Or a kiss for tolerance, the Dutch Kiss. Within the latter category, there is now a new kiss, the Jews & Arabs Kiss.

The reason for making this video is a ban from the Israeli Ministry of Education. The ministry decided to ban a school book describing a love affair between a jewish woman and an arab man. A story like the classic Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Time Out Tel Aviv, the free magazine from the Israeli city, came up with the most peaceful and relevant answer possible.

Six Jew and Arab couples  – male and female, gay and straight – participated in front of the camera. Some of them were couples, some just friends, some have never met prior to the shoot. Because these Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies.

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