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These #Julyna posters’ typography is a little fuzzy

These #Julyna posters’ typography is a little fuzzy

I wrote about Julyna last summer, but at the time I did not see hide nor hair of these posters promoting the event.


Uniquely 21st Century, this campaign encourages women to create an event similar to Movember by growing out their pubic hair for a month to raise funds for cervical cancer. (Personally, I don’t know why they remove so much of it in the first place.)

Sure, it’s sexy and provocative. But the great thing about Movember is that everyone can see who else is participating, so it creates a growing tribe of support. With this version, the only people who will notice are other women in the locker room, or men who are rude enough to stare at any exposed shrubbery at the beach. (See their rebuttal to this common criticism in my original post.)

That said, the first poster has some cheeky copy. I get the art direction, but I think it could have been more legible without losing the furry effect.



Cossette, Toronto (Canada)
Additional credits:
Creative Director: Pete Breton, Dave Douglass
Art Director: Angela Sung, Tom Koukodimos
Copywriter: Rachel Abrams
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