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These notes hide a terrible truth

These notes hide a terrible truth

Joe La Pompe from the eponymous website brought me to this good and confrontating campaign from last year about violence to women. It is an interactive video with one of the annoying YouTube features, the annotations. That note that always get in the way and hide a part of the video. And that is exactly what the agency used and they did it very topical.

Agency Africa from Brazil used annotations with false excuses to hide the marks of aggression on the women in the video. Whenever the user closes the annotations the proof of the violence appears. A false excuses like: “I was distracted and hit my forehead on the cabinet.”

The video was made for Instituto Maria da Penha who launched the campaign for National Women’s Day, April 30, to remember the thousands of women who are victims of domestic violence.

The marks of aggression are hidden behind false excuses. The best weapon to combat is the truth. Click To Tweet

This is the case study:

I found it on the website from Joe La Pompe because another campaign, which was launched a few days ago, used the same storyline and it looks like an exact copy.

This time the sender it very unusual. It is Boom Furniture, a chain of furniture stores in Spain. It’s a kind on topic because the woman in the video hide signs of violence with excuses about accidents with furniture.
One of the excuses: “Tropecé con la mesilla de noche que compramos el pasado fin de semana.” (“I stumbled on the night table we bought last weekend.”)

Update: muebles BOOM or agency SrBurns has removed the video. The reason is easy to guess. Only this screen is left:


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