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These safety ads aim to hook a very specific audience

These safety ads aim to hook a very specific audience


This New Zealand water safety campaign intrigued me enough that I had to look it up. As the father of an avid young fisherman, I’m used to the hyperbole of the genre. So I have to admit, the story pulled me in at the end.

Hutchwilco is an NZ marine sport and safety products company. So if you’re an angler down there, you would most likely make the brand connection with this very targeted corporate social responsibility campaign. It leads to an iPhone app:

Hutchwilco know that it’s boatie folklore not to tell anyone about your secret fishing spots. The only problem is, if no one knows where you go, finding you is close to impossible.
Secret Fishing Spots is our iphone app based system that lets you securely chart all your favourite spots, for family or Search and Rescue to access in the event of an emergency. Simply download the app to get started, and then add your spots or check in to existing spots each time you go out. The only people who can see them are a nominated person of your choice or those who are coming to find you.

That’s a pretty obscure need for some, but could be a lifesaver for a good chunk of Hutchwilco’s customers. And it’s some fine copywriting to boot. I took the bait, anyway…


DDB New Zealand
Additional credits:
Executive Creative Director: Andy Fackrell
Creative Directors: Steve Kane, Chris Schofield, Regan Grafton
Creatives: Rory Mckechnie, Damian Galvin, Adam Thompson
Producer: Dov Tombs
Photographer: Lewis Mulatero
Retoucher: Kevin Hyde
Designer: Reene Lam
Account manager: Nisa Solipo
Senior Account Manager: Jonathan Rea
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