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These strawmen want you to #carelikecrazy about voting

These strawmen want you to #carelikecrazy about voting

Rock te Vote

Rock The Vote is a non-partisan not-for-profit in the USA that has been trying to engage more youth in democracy since 1990. But although they represent no particular political party, the new flight of ads designed to increase voter participation in the American mid-term elections are clearly progressive on social issues.

Each ad represents a spokesperson for a regressive point-of-view. While there are certainly real people out there who are as unpleasant — or worse — than these caricatures, they are clearly fictionalized straw men standing in for extreme views.

Here’s the ant—feminist:

Rapture-ready anti-environmentalists (an unexpected side-swipe at Christian fundamentalists):

War profiteers:

And “The 1%”:

I suppose you could argue that they aren’t technically “strawmen” because, sadly, the satire is far too close to reality among some pundits. But they are at least mildly entertaining.

And then, inexplicably, there’s this bizarre “positive” stereotype:

One of these things is not like the others… I’m unsure how lampooning Asian cultural stereotypes is supposed to make Asian-Americans feel more enfranchised, but I’ll leave discussion on this last one for another day.

Do you think the rest of these ads will encourage more youth to register and vote?
Rock The Vote

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