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They walk the path of peace, no matter what

They walk the path of peace, no matter what

This project called Taking Steps comes from the Parents Circle Families Forum, a joint Israeli-Palestinian organization, whose members have all lost a close family member to the ongoing conflict. They believe that dialogue is a necessity in order to reconcile both sides with one another.

Their project was launched in cooperation with ad agency BBR Saatchi & Saatchi who created a commercial in which Israelis and Palestinians speak about their refusal to give up. Despite the loss of the person they love. The commercial closes on a personal statement all Forum members agree with:

If I , who lost a close one, can walk the path of peace, than surely you can too.

The Taking Steps project is also the group’s first product: hand embroidered ‘Birds of Peace’ created and sewn onto sports shoes by the women of the group.

Parents Circle Families Forum Taking Steps

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