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Thinking of… ( • )( • )

Thinking of… ( • )( • )

Breasts are compared with uncountable things. That has always been so and it will always remain so. And this is also done in this in the breast cancer awareness campaign made for TV network LIFETIME Latin America specially created for 19 October, the world day of the fight against breast cancer.

The comparisons are often silly or sexually oriented but fortunately not in this series of videos. They are funny without being vulgar. And they really get the point about things matter with breast cancer. The disease comes along at one in eight women and early detection in the most important message to bring. It is the key message in the Spanish videos below.

The English video above is as the creators commenting “Dedicated, with love, to all those whose lives have been touched by cancer, specially to our personal heroines.” It is a message for all women with a permanent scar. Imaged in a respectable manner.

Agency: totuma. See the behind-the-scenes photos here.

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