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This Ad Cost Nothing

This Ad Cost Nothing



An ad campaign was conceived for the Salvation Army in Maine which included co-opting more than 50 local businesses to help promote the message “This Ad Cost Nothing” to infer that more money is available for the real issues dealt with by the organisation.

From the Salvation Army Donation Site

Recently, local businesses in Portland, Maine, helped us launch an ad campaign that cost absolutely nothing. That’s right. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Sure, a big, expensive campaign could have gotten our name out there. But at what cost? See, it’s thinking like this that helps us give 83 cents of every dollar donated directly to the people who need it most. Like our fellow northern New Englanders in need of food, shelter, rehabilitation, elderly services…even disaster assistance.

Noteworthy in engaging communities to transmit as well as receive the message.

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