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This Donald Trump Speech Has Not Happened (Yet)

This Donald Trump Speech Has Not Happened (Yet)

This video with a hypothetical speech from Donald Trump was launched on 7 November, the day before his election. Hypothetical and this speech has not happened yet.

The video is a call from the American action group Action Against Gun Violence to bring the issue of gun safety to the voting booth. 21 of the 45 senators who have voted against gun violence prevention efforts last June were up for reelection. This video campaign put them in the spotlight.

Action Against Gun Violence:

At the current rate of mass shootings in the nation, it is almost a guarantee that the next President will need to hold a mass shooting speech within their first year in office. The videos give a glimpse into what our next President could probably need to say if and when this tragic event occurs. The videos conclude with a call to action to voters in order to make an informed decision on November 8th.


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