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This is her kingdom and these are her lives

This is her kingdom and these are her lives

Two video’s from Spain made by Pablo Olmos Arrayales for LEA (Librerías Especializadas Asociadas). LEA is a group of booksellers in Madrid, each with their own speciality.
There is so much to explore just by reading books is the message in this campaign.

Transcript of the video above:
This girl has eaten a poisoned apple and has survived
Has had coffee with a mad hatter
and has been a princess locked in the tower of a castle.

This girl has been a pirate that traveled the seven seas
searching for treasures,
and while her ship was sinking
she ran amongst the bullets to fire the cannons.

This is her kingdom
and these are her lives.
Make them yours
(open a book)

Transcript of the video below:
This boy has travelled to the bottom of the sea without a submarine
Has seen the vampires suffer
and has conquered some planets in his spaceship.

This boy… has been a despot king
that rode the hills in his brave black horse
and while his army was fighting against giants and thieves
he was commanding the action from the hills

This is his kingdom
and these are his lives
Make them yours
(open a book)

LEA (Librerías Especializadas Asociadas)
Emedialab (Malaga, Spain)
Additional credits:
Production Company: Emedialab (Malaga, Spain)
Director: Pablo Olmos Arrayales
Executive Producers: Pedro Sánchez, Irene Berrocal
DP: Miguel Gallego
Editor: Esteban Wiaggio
Post Production: Glennford Brathwaithe
Sound Designer: Pablo Olmos Arrayales

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