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This is the most cost-effective health intervention of its kind

This is the most cost-effective health intervention of its kind

This is actually a pretty common story, and it is also my story. It’s from Stefan who stopped smoking for various reasons. And there was something beautiful for him in return, the joy of running.

I did the same as Stefan last year. I quit smoking and started running. Also addictive, but that is the only similarity. And it’s true what Stefan says: “I’ve never felt as well as I do now”.

Stefan’s story is part of the new campaign from the British Heart Foundation. No Smoking Day 2016, which is held on 9 March, is the day to encourage smokers start to stop. Not in the foreseeable 1 January but on a day when you’re really conscious about the decision you have taken. And with the coming spring is also a good day to start running. The day is hashtagged with #NoSmokingDay.

The British Heart Foundation has an additional argument. In the country where the public health budget is under pressure, quitting smoking is the most cost-effective health intervention of its kind. I don’t think this argument will persuade many smokers, Stefan’s story will be the real seducer.

No Smoking Day 2016 - Stefan’s Story

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