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This is what marriage is all about

This is what marriage is all about

Love. Sex. Intimacy. Support. Laughs. Tears. Shared interests. Grocery shopping.


This wonderful video about how a healthy relationship turns into a successful marriage should inspire anyone who has ever been in love, and anyone who has ever made the decision to publicly celebrate their commitment to it.

See the video below. And try not to be moved.

What a great way to frame the marriage equality issue. As a straight guy, I identified with the man in focus. Straight women, I hope, would identify with the point of view. And the message, that all sexual relationships are equally complex, engrossing, and worthy of respect, is a powerful one. It is one of the most straight-accessible campaigns I have ever seen on this issue.

Get Up! is a multi-issue activist organization in Australia. About marriage equality, they say “While the marriage equality debate takes a brutal turn for the worse, can you be a voice for equality? MPs said that gay marriage ‘deserves to be laughed at and ridiculed’ – denying them and their families legal equality and perpetuating discrimination and prejudice. Sign this petition for marriage equality and a copy will be sent, signed and delivered straight to your MP.”

There is also a crowdfunding initiative to buy space for this ad on Australian television. Donate here.

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