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This project wants the best foot forward for healthy feet

This project wants the best foot forward for healthy feet

It is one of those preventable diseases which can be eliminated in our lifetime. Podoconiosis (podo) is a disease caused when bare feet are exposed to volcanic soil. It affects millions of people in more than 15 countries. The disease, a form of elephantiasis, is preventable and treatable with simple washing and proper footwear. It is that simple message what this new animation from Footwork is about.

The video form Footwork, the international Podoconiosis initiative, has two objectives. I had never heard of the disease, like many others. Therefore it is an awareness campaign. As said podo is treatable but need some education to those who suffer. This is the second goal of this animation, a step to intervention.

Footwork about the importance of their campaign:

Although the disease is both preventable and treatable, there are as yet no government-backed assistance programs for addressing prevention and treatment of podoconiosis.
Individuals afflicted with podoconiosis suffer debilitating physical effects, including attacks when the leg becomes warm, painful and even more swollen, and are ostracised from their communities because of misconceptions about the cause of podoconiosis.

Animation: Ripple Effect Images

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