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This spectacle is no funny at all

This spectacle is no funny at all


I like these ads, very strange non-fashionable style. There are from AFRAS, Associação Franquia Solidária from Brazil. They are raised for letting businesses working in a more social responsible way.

First ad: Para sobreviver nas ruas, eles precisam ser mais que malabaristas.
Precisam ser mágicos.
To survive at the streets, they need to be more than jugglers, they need to be magicians.

Second ad: Semáforos não é circo mas você pode ser um respeitável público.
Traffic Lights are not a circus but you can be a respectable watcher.

Thirth ad: Os americanos inventaram o cinema dentro do carro. Os brasileiros, o circo.
The americans have invented the indoor cinema, the brasilians, the indoor circus.

All ads: Este espetáculo não tem craça menhuma.
This spectacle is no funny at all

Leonardo who helped me with the translation (many thanks again Leonardo, you do a great job) writes: It’s common to see marginalized people, most of them children, in the neighborhood of traffic lights of the big cities in Brazil begging or juggling to get some money.



AFRAS, Associação Franquia Solidária
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