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This water PSA has a surprisingly cool soundtrack

This water PSA has a surprisingly cool soundtrack

As creative advertising, this YouTube PSA for Safe Water Network is pretty straightforward: A succession of images and statements that show how essential access to clean drinking water is to humanity. Literal, but required reading:

The big surprise is the soundtrack. It’s an original drum and bass jam, loosely inspired by the Al Green classic “Take Me To The River.” A cover of that song in 1978 was a breakthrough hit for then up-and-coming new wave band Talking Heads. And the music here is performed by none other than Talking Heads (now Tom Tom Club) rhythm section (and married couple) Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz. It’s a delightful audio treat for fans of both bands.

Chris commented on Facebook, “What could be more important than water? Not much.”

It’s hard to argue with that.

This video will appear tonight at the Fairfield Theatre in Fairfield, Connecticut, as part of an event by Paul Newman’s Safe Water Network. It was created by Against The Grain Communications.

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