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Thmbnls: interactive mobile drama to teach safe sex

Thmbnls: interactive mobile drama to teach safe sex

The UK COI (Central Office of Information) and DCSF (Department for Children, Schools and Families) have launched last month a mobile drama serie named Thmbnls to teach teenagers the importance of safe sex. Viewers can register online or on WAP and will only be charged standard SMS costs when they interact with the videos. Registerd users can follow the 22 weeks long series and every friday they will receive an sms to download and watch the latest 60 sec. episode.

The weekly mobile drama series is part of the ‘Want Respect? Use a Condom’ campaign, which aims to reduce teenage pregnancy and the incidence of STIs. Target audience are the 15- to18-year-olds. The agencies behind the Thmbnls project is 20:20 London.

Peter Riley, creative director of 20:20 London, said: “‘Thmbnls’ is cutting-edge, realistic and relevant to young people. Viewers can personally interact with the characters and the issues they’re facing in a way that’s not been achieved before now. This is taking mobile broadcast to a whole new level.”

Emma Cowan, Senior Interactive Media Manager at COI commented:
“It’s a really exciting project as it enables us to reach the audience in a powerful and personal way. Because it’s unchartered territory, it’s been challenging to work with so many parties and agencies to ensure that it’s free to the user, as well as get the word out to the audience to get them to sign up.”

COI and mobile agency, Incentivated, have worked closely with network providers to ensure that the only cost to the user is the standard SMS costs when they interact with the videos (less than 50p in total for the 22 week series).


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