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Three Grand-Prix of Golden Drum 2009 go to social advertising campaigns

Three Grand-Prix of Golden Drum 2009 go to social advertising campaigns

I’ve just returned from Slovenia, where I judged Golden Drum, the advertising festival for Central and Eastern Europe. The festival offers an excellent opportunity to learn more about social advertising campaigns in the region. Social advertising plays an important role on the festival. First of all, because there are so many social issues in the region. And secondly, because social campaigns usually don’t limit creativity of advertising agencies. This year, three Grand-Prix were awarded to social ads – in Media Campaigns, Outdoor and Film.

The Grand-Prix in Media, the Grand-Prix in Outdoor and the Golden Drum in PR went to Leo Burnett Beirut from Lebanon for the “Khede Kasra” campaign: “The Hariri Foundation wanted to address the imbalance of gender roles in the Lebanese society, through their Women Empowerment Program. The agency chose to tackle gender inequality in the Arabic language, a part of the Lebanese daily reality. Spoken and written words which are addressed to men by default, were altered with a “kasra” accent. With a call for action that encouraged women to “make your mark”. Changing the meaning of words empowered Lebanese women to actually change their reality.”

The Grand-Prix in Film went to the TV ad “Munich” created by EURO RSCG Prague for the Czech National Museum: “Munich Agreement is the pact from 1938 where Hitler, Mussolini, Chamberlain, and Daladier forced Czechoslovakia to give parts of its territory to Nazi Germany. The Munich Agreement is now exhibited at the Czech National Museum for the first time.”

I would like to mention a couple of other social campaigns that were awarded on the Golden Drum 2009. The Silver Drum in Interactive went to the banner campaign by Draftfcbi Vienna for UNICEF: “Between 15,000 and 20,000 people – at least 20 per cent of them children – are killed or maimed by landmines each year. On the International Day for Mine Awareness, the 4th of April, UNICEF launched this banner on the most visited site in Austria. The visitor virtually steps on a landmine and is reminded that in some less fortunate countries this can happen anytime and anyplace.”

The Silver Drum in Media was awarded to the “You’ve never seen such actors” campaign by Leo Burnett Mosow, Russia for Proteatr: “Proteatr, International Festival of Theatres for Disabled, wanted to be perceived as a cultural phenomenon, not a charity act. So, we decided to make theatre posters out of things that people don’t perceive as posters. A joint team of the agency and the actors themselves created over 70 pieces of original artwork. Each of them says: “You’ve never seen such a poster. You’ve never seen such actors, either”. In the same fashion, we made flyers out of handkerchiefs. All these materials were placed in various venues where our target group goes: clubs, cafes, etc. A survey by Proteatr revealed that over 50% of audience came to see the performance because of our campaign”.