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Three shocking reasons to monitor your children’s internet use

Three shocking reasons to monitor your children’s internet use

This really weird campaign for the Beneva Foundation (which appears to be based in Romania, even though the ads are Slovakian) assumes that you are aware of some of the most infamous internet shock sites of the past few years. If you are (and I have to admit that I am) then these children’s versions — implying that your kids have visited those sites themselves — are horribly hilarious. If you are not familiar, I will do my best to explain in the most professional manner possible.


Lemon Party (Wikipedia link) is the least shocking, at least in internet terms. It shows three naked, elderly men having a graphic threesome. The ice cream cone seems like a nod to the SFW Porn meme.

The other two are more infamous.


Two Girls, One Cup (Wikipedia link) is a Brazilian pornographic short that apparently shows two women eating one of the women’s feces in the course of having several kinds of sex with each other. Famous for reaction videos that YouTube users have shot of friends watching the video for the first time, the coprophagia may be faked. But not according to the flies.


Perhaps the worst reference is to (Wikipedia link), a now-defunct site that showed a single photo of a man holding open his grossly distended anus. In the days before “rick-rolling”, this was a popular link to rick unsuspecting people into opening. (The face isn’t much of an improvement on te original.)

So there you have it. An effective campaign? Only for those who are aware of the originals, if only by reputation. But as a cleverly-conceived in-joke, these will get lots of attention from ad bloggers. We’re a sick lot.

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Art Director: Pavel Fuksa
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