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Throw a coin

Throw a coin


This poster is from Associazione Italiana Carlo Urbani (AICU). AICU in a non profit organisation raised to honour Carlo Urbani, a doctor of Médecins Sans Frontieres who died because of SARS.
I’m sorry to say but this is bad design, I was hesitating if I would post this. But AICU is doing very good work.

This is a typical example of saying to much but that makes communication worse.
Why isn’t this more visual?

The aim of AICU is:
– to collect money for medicines for developing nations
– to organize training courses for doctors who work in developing nations
– to fund research on parasitical and contagious diseases prevention

Copy of the poster:
“10 lives: if you throw a coin, the desire fulfills.”
It’s not luck. It’s about life. Throwing symbolically 1 Euro in the Madagascar’s water, you can save 10 children from dangerous parasites residing in the waters. Last year the Novembre Solidale Aicu has collected almost 140.000 Euro for the cause of one million and a half Vietnamese children. This year the goal is to cure the same number of kids in Madagascar from two parasitizing diseases, supporting the local health-care structures in order to guarantee sustainable treatments and avoid future infections. Today we can repeat this great result with your help.
Thanks to Meghi from SpotAnatomy for sending and Gillo from TotalTactics for translating.

Associazione Italiana Carlo Urbani (AICU)

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