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Even a region as small as Flanders has different magazines where famous people attach their personality and picture to its cover and content. As of today, Flanders has a new personality glossy: “Tilak”. The luxurious magazine is available in over 3.000 press shops around the region.

‘It’s not about me, it’s about the entire village’ (quote not on cover)

Tilak is a castless Indian woman put forward by Broederlijk Delen, as the face of their campaing about India. It’s a one time magazine bringing homage to the strength of Indian people.

Kristien Hemmerechts, one of the contributing writers puts it like this:
“With this Glossy, Broederlijk Delen puts a definitive end to patronizing charity. Every page brings homage to the strength of indigenous Indians. Whoever had it in their minds these people are merely paupers will finally have to review their opinion.”

There’s a (Dutch) promotional video and some after the break.

This is the most expensive magazine in the world. It costs 1 week’s pay. Not even six Euro’s. Because that is what the poorest in India earn. Yet they don’t just accept this situation. […] That’s why she [Tilak] deserves this magazine more than any celebrity […]

Here’s a link to Tilak on Facebook
The magazine was printed on FSC paper.

Broederlijk Delen
Het Salon (by Markee)