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Time is running out, save the forests

Time is running out, save the forests


Ad from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). FSC is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests.
Established in 1993 as a response to concerns over global deforestation, FSC is widely regarded as one of the most important initiatives of the last decade to promote responsible forest management worldwide.
The FSC label provides a credible link between responsible production and consumption, enabling consumers and businesses to make purchasing decisions that benefit people and the environment as well as providing ongoing business value.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)
MSTF Partners, Portugal
Additional credits:
Creative Directors: Lourenço Thomaz, Susana Sequeira
Art Director: Orlando Gonçalves
Copywriter: Rui Soares
Strategic planning: Sergio Santos, João Pereira
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