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Tobacco: Thieves of Life

Tobacco: Thieves of Life

This is the new yearly campaign from the Canadian De Facto.

De Facto is the name for the fight against tobacco from RSEQ (Réseau du sport étudiant du Québec), the Canadian Youth Sports Organization.
Their tagline: De Facto, The Truth… Unfiltered.

This year, the organization wishes to raise questions concerning the legitimacy of tobacco industry practices and products. To bring about such a reflection, the campaign uses symbolic icons such as a masked face and a rich decor representing the billions in profits, all signed (Thieves of life).

The campaign was launched at October 23. This third provincial campaign-platform comes in two television spots, the first presented as a teaser for the first two weeks. The second unveiled over the following three weeks to conclude the campaign. Posters will be distributed in high schools, colleges and universities across the province of Québec. There will also be posters displayed in a teaser form throughout the cities of Montreal and Quebec. At the heart of the campaign is the microsite A presence is also planned on the Web as well as an increased presence in social media.

The posters contains a QR code which lead the scanner to a mbile friendly campaign website.


This video is also the splash screen of the microsite and mobile website.
Translated copy:
Tobacco products enrich their industry by $31 billion a year and kill one person every six seconds.
Manufacturing death is shameful.




De Facto website (check the animated hearse):


RSEO (Réseau du sport étudiant du Québec)
Collectif 8×1
Additional credits:
Design, Writing and Creative Direction: Sébastien Boulanger, Michel De Lauw
Account Manager, designer: Marjolaine Robitaille (Atelier 480)
Photographers: Julie Bouchard, Benoit Camirand (Camirand)
Interactive Production: Jean-François Gauthier (Obstacle)
Storyboard: Jean-Michel Girard

Media: Touché! PHD
Realization: ALT production, Jérôme Couture, Nicolas Fransolet, Olivier Laberge
Audio post-production: Sonart

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