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Today’s adults speak for The Future Children

Today’s adults speak for The Future Children


My biggest annoyance with the Kony 2012 campaign from earlier this year is (mis)use of the directors son (see from 9:20). It is a form of abuse that is inexcusable. We have to speak for ourselves.

Something similar happens in this new video from The Future Children Project. The use of children for the upcoming election in the USA. Its a shout to vote Obama, which I agree. A great statement about the future of the children in America.

But I have a problem with the use of children in this video. It starts with the opening line: “A message from the children”. That isn’t true. This video isn’t made by children with the help of adults. It Is made by adults exploiting the kids. It is good to involve children in everyday politics. Even stronger, it is better to listen to them properly. That would result in a totally different campaign video.

“We’re the children are the future, American through and through. But something happened to our country, and we’re kind of blaming you.
What would the children of the future say if we let them down this November?”

See the Future Children Project website for the complete transcript.

UPDATE (Nov 2):

Goodby Silverstein and Partners closed the campaign website and set the video to “Private” on Vimeo.
The reason for closing is not known. There can be no other reason than the flood of criticism.
The copy below is the embeddable version from Adland who published the news today.

Future Children Project
Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
Additional credits:
Jeff Goodby – Copywriter
Rich Silverstein – Art Director
Tim Green – Art Director
Todd Porter – Producer, Music Supervisor
David Michel Ruddy – Composer + Music Producer
Sue Bohlin – Vocal Casting, Coaching
Genevieve McCarty – Line Producer
Norman Bonney – DP
Thomas Ruge – 1st AD
Whitney Ferris – 2nd AD
Sam Houser – Assistant Producer
Bob Henningsen – Production Manager
Alvin Shen – Production Coordinator
Erik Johnson – Editor
Quinn Moticka – Assistant Editor
Ty Bardi – VFX Supervisor
Dave Baker – Audio Editing and Mixing
Nathan T Winter – Recording Engineer
Alison Plansky – Post Producer
Nicholas DeMatteo – Additional instrumentation
Yair Evnine – Additional Instrumentation
Bess Cocke – Director Business Affairs
Jaime Szefc – Business Affairs Associate Manager

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