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In England doctors are too tired to shout

In England doctors are too tired to shout

It is one of the most used media carriers in protests. Because it’s cheap and easy to fabricate. I’m talking about the cardboard. A kind of last century IRL Tweet which is still there and in full swing.

It is also used in this video made by photographer and film maker Toby Lockerbie. The day before the big junior doctor protest in London he decided to help spread their cause a little and attended with doctor friend Jennie and made this quick card board video for them.

The protest was about the plans of Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to change contracts. In detail it was about the definition of anti-social working hours. The doctors fear excessively long working hours which will risk patient and doctors safety. And it makes doctors too tired to shout.

Below: DrRanjOnline made this cardboard video about the junior contracts. More Junior Contracts explained in this playlist.

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