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Top Jobs Abroad

Top Jobs Abroad

Every year, thousands of young women are tricked into prostitution through the false promise of a better job abroad.
Now STOP THE TRAFFIK (together with Belgian agency Duval Guillaume) have come up with a confronting idea to raise awareness about this injustice and gather signatures for a declaration to the UN to help set up a global fund to fight human trafficking.

On Monday 26th November, visitors to the Compass Jobs Fair & Careers Convention in London were met with a stand for ‘Top Jobs Abroad’, a fictional recruitment agency offering the very best job opportunities. After being greeted by a friendly representative, they were ushered through a door at the stand and straight into a specially designed Red Light District window – in full view of passers by.
The ‘victims’ would then exit the window onto the official STOP THE TRAFFIK stand where they were given more information about the plight of women trafficked into sex slavery through false pretences and invited to sign the petition to the UN.

Members of STOP THE TRAFFIK, including the organisation’s directors, Phil Lane and Peter Stanley, were present at the event, providing a seminar about human trafficking and speaking to the public.

If STOP THE TRAFFIK can complete its 1 million name petition by February 2008, it will receive much needed support from the UN for – amongst other things – the establishment of a worldwide fund to fight human trafficking.
Sign the petition here.


Duval Guillaume Antwerp
Additional credits:
Account Manager: Karel Vinck
Creative Directors: Dirk Domen, Geoffrey Hantson
Copywriter: Alex Goulart
Art Director: Joao Medeiros
Filming & Photography: Daniel Price

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