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Topless advertising grows up #whatnormalfeelslike

Topless advertising grows up #whatnormalfeelslike

Coppafeel, a British charity promoting self-examination to catch breast cancer early, has been a regular subject on Osocio for some time. But while they have experimented with a number of tactics, from sexy to silly, I think this is the first time I’ve seen one of their campaigns address their message with such maturity.

The Telegraph reports that this campaign is ads being displayed outdoors in London’s Westfield White City, St Enoch in Glasgow and the Cavern Quarter in Liverpool, on digital boards. And because they are an exercise in “desexualizing” breasts, they are not expected to be banned by UK advertising censors.

From Coppafeel’s press release:

Today we launch a new advertising campaign featuring seven bare-chested ladies, shot by legendary photographer Rankin!

Their boobs are painted with the word that best describes #whatnormalfeelslike for them, using words such as spongy’ and ‘peachy’, the campaign calls on ladies to reclaim the vocabulary surrounding boobs.

The #whatnormalfeelslike campaign was born earlier this year after conversations with 18-30 year old women across the UK highlighted how much we struggle to find words to describe our boobs beyond big or small.

The physical diversity shown in the few examples I’ve seen, as well as the unglamorous photo style, reminds me more of similar projects intended to familiarize women with body diversity. There isn’t a lot of variation in skin tone, but the campaign is nonetheless challenging advertising norms in which photoshopped breasts are used to sexualize a product (usually fashion). This looks like reality, and it’s intended to smash taboos.

The campaign launched today. You can see some examples below. For more, follow the #whatnormalfeelslike hashtag on Twitter or watch Coppafeel’s Instagram.

Coppafeel #whatnormalfeelslike

Coppafeel #whatnormalfeelslike

Coppafeel #whatnormalfeelslike

Additional credits:
Art Director: Laila Milborrow
Copywriter: Paul Pearson
Photographer: Rankin
Calligraphy: Alison Carmichael

(Credits via Jelly)

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