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Torture this goose

Torture this goose


This years campaign from the Belgium animal rights organsiation GAIA (Global Action in the Interest of Animals) against the cruelty of making and eating Foie Gras. The campaign was launched early december. The plastic bag was reached out to people in the shopping centers of all big Belgium cities and shows the copy:
“Folter deze gans. En spaar de echte: eet geen Foie Gras.”
“Torture this goose. And spare the real ones: don’t eat Foie Gras.”

The second item of the campaign is a magazine blister which you had to ruin for getting the magazine.



The street campaign was guided by a widescreen on a truck showing how Goose are tortured to make Foie Gras:
(Photo GAIA)


The plastic bags were also distributed in shops:
(Photo Duval Guillaume)


Play the Goose torture game at the Gaia dedicated website (torture a Goose):



One of my first posts at Houtlust (Dec 2005) was also a campaign from GAIA, showing the torture against Goose.
This campaign was rejected by the outdoor advertising distributor NMBS.
Read it here (in Dutch).


Duval Guillaume Brussels, Belgium
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