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The images above are from Samu Social, one of the nominees (public service/social welfare) at the 7th edition of the AdPrint festival in Brasov, Romania.

Samu Social is an French-based organisation for helping homeless people. The pricewinning ads comes from the Romanian department.
I don’t speak any Romanian but it is obvious that donations are asked.
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

The images below are from Hogar de Cristo, Unicef and Help the

Hogar de Cristo is based in Chile and their task is to provide an integral and dignified harbor to children, young people and families.
The text on the trashbin gives a menu which you don’t want to eat unless you’re very hungry.

The work of Unicef is well known.
Agency: Springer & Jacoby, Hamburg

The work of Help the looks also clear but the domain don’t exist anymore.




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