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Trees. We’d be Lost Without Them

Trees. We’d be Lost Without Them

Belgium is one of my favorite countries when speaking about social advertising. It can’t get caught in one style but it is often bizarre, funny, weird or striking.
Just like these two ads from the Flemish organization 1 miljoen bomen (One Million Trees).

The videos are journeys through the forests of Flanders, Overpelt and Brakelbos in Belgium. It is a mix of aerial views and shots from the dense forest floors guided with music like an art house movie.
The spots explore the human relationship with trees.

The organization already reached the goal. One million trees are planted. But they want more. Their next goal is 10 million new trees in Flanders the next few years.


Second spot: You have a friend in the trees.

The Flemish 30 sec versions:


1 miljoen bomen
Additional credits:
Prod Company: The Academy of Film & the Arts
Director: Armondo Acosta, Frederik Cassiers, Martijn De Schrijver
DP: Eugene Hertoghe
Producer: Sebastien Brumagne
Production manager: Helle Jensen
Editorial: The Academy of Film & the Arts
Editor: Eric Phillips, Emmanuel Dewan
Producer: Sebastien Brumagne
Color Grading: Nice Shoes
Colorist: Ron Sudul
Color Assistant: Mengting Hsiao
Sr. Producer: Pat Portela
Music: Sálfræðingur
Composer: Johann Johannsson
Audio Post: Filip Haentjens, Eric Phillips

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