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#TrendOnThis: Celebrity PSAs done right

#TrendOnThis: Celebrity PSAs done right

Adland’s Kid Sleepy drew my attention to this fantastic campaign for awareness of the ebola crisis.

#TrendOnThis is an attempt to change the Twitter trends from trivial celebrity gossip to important news about the international fight against ebola.

To promote the campaign, Y&R New York created a series of PSAs for the Ad Council featuring celebrities David Oyelowo, Olivia Munn, and Lance Bass. What’s great about these ads is that they eschew the brainless “parade of talking celeb heads lecturing you” cliché and instead indulges in joyfully ironic self-deprecation. The result is both on-message and entertaining (particularly “David Oyelowo’s Yellow Oboes”!)


Credits (via Adland):

Chief Creative Officer: Leslie Sims
Creative Directors: Marc Sobier, Greg Farley
Copywriter: Anthony DiMichele
Art Director: Brian Cheung
Executive Producer: Craig Jelniker
Producer: Liz Graves
Asst. Producer: Sarah Haroldson
Music Producer: Lauren King
Production Company: HeLo
Director: Alan Poul

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