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Trucks as part of the message

Trucks as part of the message


What a great way to spread the word for a library!
In Kansas City USA Johnson County Library couriers are making their book deliveries between Library locations in some specially decorated, literary-themed trucks: Captain Ahab’s Fine Seafood, Benjamin Button’s Diaper Service, Kafka’s Pest Control, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’s Pharmacy with the tag line “Available at Johnson County Library.” The messages on the trucks are part of campaign to promote the library, the many stories that can be found there and to encourage reading, even the classics.

According to County Librarian Donna Lauffer, the vehicle campaign should generate interest.

“On first seeing the trucks, people may think oh, what a clever name for a business,” she stated. “Then catching the tag line ‘Available at Johnson County Library’ will definitely get them thinking more about the message and what the library has to offer. We think the campaign will be fun and interesting for the public, especially those who have read the books and are familiar with the characters and authors. Often we promote all the services and resources the library to offer such as online databases, career assistance, and home work help. We tend to overlook why most people come to the library: to find something good to read.”

The campaign theme and design was developed for the Johnson County Library pro bono by Barkley Advertising Agency.

More pictures at Flickr.



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