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Turn the world upside down: Sponsor a Wealthy Child

Turn the world upside down: Sponsor a Wealthy Child

Sponsor a Wealthy Child (SaWC) is an online game that turns the world of Humanitarian aid upside down. Families from the Developing World come to the rescue of Western children ravaged by relational poverty. It is about these questions: Who really is wealthy and who is poor?

Sponsor a Wealthy Child comes with three infomercials telling the stories of children in need. Like the story of Zachary (see above), a 14 year old child who lives with his family in the Middle West. Like thousands of other children in his area of the world, Zachary had sunk into a state of severe Internet addiction. In this video you’ll discover how his Vietnamese sponsors helped save him from the grip of relational poverty.

It is communication technique of parody what is also used in the strong campaigns from SAIH. Remember Africa For Norway. SaWC goes a step further. It is also about material wealth. Does it undermined the relationships we can have with our neighbors, friends, grandparents?

Julien Boisvert, the creator of SaWC:

My project brings above all a critic to our consumerist society, but it also adresses questions to the North/South hierarchy. By fliping the direction of humanitarian aid, I also flip the normative frame of what is a fulfilling life. Suddently, people of the Global south, although most of them are dramatically poor, have something the Westerners have lost in the last decades: quality’s relations. Through a map displayed on the project’s site, the West becomes a uniform region.

Read this good interview with Julien Boisvert @ Memefest. The project is also available in French as Parrainez un enfant riche.

The trailer of the project:

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