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Turtle flip

Turtle flip


300 Turtles made of cardboard on the beach of Scheveningen The Netherlands last friday for IFAW. At the bottom of the guerilla campaign item a note: think twice before buying me when on holiday. We aren’t a souvenir.
Turning a Turle upside down is also the thing what poachers do. Once a turtle on its back, she is powerless.

“Denk goed na voor je souvenirs koopt! / Think twice before buying souvenirs!”

The note at the bottom of cardboard Turtle:



Additional credits:
Creation: Magnus Thorne & Paul Turner (UK), Serge van Wijngaarden (copy), Robin Pas (cd)
Account: Linda Sinac, Hester Hess
Client: Marcel Bertsch, Petra Verkerk
Production: Menno Jonker

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