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TV2 Danmark finds a clever way to get people out of their boxes #AllThatWeShare

TV2 Danmark finds a clever way to get people out of their boxes #AllThatWeShare

I watch a lot of PSAs (and make quite a few myself), and I have to say that this one cut through my crusty old cynical social marketer carapace.

It’s long, but it’s a good long watch:

Here’s the thing: We’re naturally tribal, we humans. We group together by family, by social group, by geography, nationality, skin colour, religion, sports affiliation, music taste, and even love or hate of cilantro. But in marketing, we realize that these tribes are fluid. Just like the tags on this post each lead to a different group of posts, each aspect of modern, individualistic, and internationally-connected people lead to multiple kinships.

I love how this one moves from “us and them” barriers to shared experiences, and as it does that, it counters the politics of hate a division that is unfortunately on the rise in Europe, North America, and elsewhere.

Bravo, TV 2!

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