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Tweet Bea or not Tweet Bea?

Tweet Bea or not Tweet Bea?

For me, there’s no question. From now until Midnight EDT (Oct. 19) if you favourite Mike_FTW‘s Tweet, in defence of his use of Bea Arthur’s breasts as wallpaper, he’ll donate 10¢ to the American Cancer Society for breast cancer research. The endowment has… umm… grown significantly since then.


A weird fundraiser, to be sure.

There’s not a whole lot of time left, and our European readers are probably already in bed, so I’ll do a quick C&P from (in this case, aptly-named) aggregator BoingBoing:

“Mike Monteiro has background wallpaper on his Twitter account that’s based on artist John Currin’s famous topless painting of Bea Arthur. When a Twitter follower asked Monteiro* to preserve the eyes of children by taking down Bea’s boobs, Monteiro turned his refusal into a fundraiser for breast cancer research.

It started out, as you can see in the screen cap, with Monteiro offering to donate 10 cents for every person who favorited his defense of naked Bea. Then, more people signed on to match his donation. At the time I’m publishing this blog post, every time you favorite Monteiro’s tweet, the American Cancer Society earns $2.10.

Between that per-click rate and the people who’ve donated lump sums, Bea Arthur’s boobs have pulled in more than $10,000 in pledges since this morning. (Of course, half of that came from one donor, Mike Lee.) Clicks still count through midnight Eastern. Or, drop Mike a tweet if you want to add another 10 cents to the pledge.”

Mike Monteiro is Design Director at Mule Design Studio in San Francisco.

For those who don’t know, Bea Arthur was a respected American actress who was immensely popular late in her life as an Internet meme. She died April 25, 2009, but people still keep talking about her.

New York artist John Currin‘s nude painting of her is yet another example of the quirkier side of quirky fame. See the original artwork below.


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