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Unicef China: Don’t Ignore me

Unicef China: Don’t Ignore me


Just discovered these three outdoor ads from Unicef China at Noah’s blog. Brilliant work, a great way of telling the story about the more than 1,5 million underprivileged children who live in China right now.

Copy: “Don’t Ignore me
China has over 1,5 million underprivileged children.
To help, call 020 82266673”



Unicef China
Ogilvy & Mather, Shanghai, China
Additional credits:
Chief Creative Officer: Kevin Lee
Creative Directors: Kevin Lee, Ng Fan
Art Directors: Kevin Lee, Haibo Huang, Phoebe Liao, Stephen Zhong/Robin Wu
Copywriters: Adams Fan, Derek Huang, Raymond Yung, Andrew Lok
Artists: Haohui Zhou, Bin Liu
Designers: Spring Zhu, Chaowen Wu, Jinghua Pan
Print Producer: Ling Gu
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