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Vermisst / Missing

Vermisst / Missing

With emotional posters in the style of missing person the German Federal Ministry of the Interior wants to advertise to Muslim families for their point against the radicalization of young people.

Poster (translation)
“This is our son Tim. We miss him, because we can no longer recognize him. He withdraws emotionally and every day becomes more radical. We have to fear losing him completely – to religious fanatics and terror groups. If you have the same problem as we do, you may contact the counseling center against the radicalization of young people …” (more after the break)


The posters written in german and turkish will be disseminated on monday in online networks such as Google and Facebook, as on 21. September, they will advertise in inhabited by migrants neighborhoods in Berlin, Bonn and Hamburg for the counseling center against the radicalization, as the responsible Ministry Officer, Barbara Slowik in Berlin said .

The counseling center against the radicalization established within the Ministry of Interior together with Muslim organizations launched initiative Safety Partnership in January. At the point parents, relatives, friends or teachers can report by phone or e-mail if they notice any changes in young people, suggestive of Islamist radicalization.

Among migrants, however, the hurdle is often high, to appeal to a german authority. “It is our great concern, to find more acceptance among muslim parents,” said terrorism expert. The emotional character of the posters, entitled “Missing” should make it clear that “it affects all of us when we lose young people to radicals.”

The campaign planned by the Federal Government against the radicalization of young people was criticized by FDP party (Free Democratic Party). Tax funds would be wasted, because Islam is brought into the vicinity of terrorism, said the integration policy spokesman of the FDP parliamentary group, Serkan Tören, to the “Hamburger Abendblatt”. The planned billboards fueled prejudice in society against Islam. Mr.Tören suggested instead a public awareness campaign in mosques.

The whole campaign is in my opinion a great misstep. This is a witch hunt campaign and brings more discord between Muslims and Germans. This campaign confuses people and for many it will only confirm their existing prejudices. I know what I’m talking about.. I was a Serbian citizen living in Germany in the nineties and almost every second conversation with a stranger started with the very same sentence: “Can you tell me what happened in the Balkans and why are you doing that?” The question was always asked so that you could not give any answer at all. Opinions were already formed.

I am a Christian.

What about the christian religious fanatics? Who will protect those children? (Jesus Camp)

Poster: “This is my brother Hassan …”


The Federal Ministry of the Interior

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