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Vintage Star Wars PSAs #TBT

Vintage Star Wars PSAs #TBT

All the hype around Star Wars: The Force Awakens is taking me back to 1977, when I was seven years old and the original film was just about the biggest thing in the world.

In the years following, kids couldn’t get enough of the movie franchise. We collected trading cards, action figures, comic books… anything to bring back even a memory of the film.

So it’s no surprise that the cultural phenomenon was harnessed to bring social marketing messages to kids through Star Wars public service announcements.

This one is from United States Department of Health and Human Services in 1983, addressing smoking:

Here is an earlier one, from the United States Department of Transportation’s National Highway and Safety Administration in 1979, on drunk driving:

And finally, a 1978 poster for United States Center for Disease Control (now CDC) promoting vaccines:


All the messages are still very relevant today.

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