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Waiting for Life with the YouTube Progress Bar

Waiting for Life with the YouTube Progress Bar


Nice animation made by Heads Propaganda for the Brazilian Hemorio (Institute of Hematology). It is about the importance of blood donation. The use the YouTube progress bar creating a link between the waiting time and the importance of getting blood to those who need it.
In the video, the blood leaves the veins of the donor and enters the progress bar, as it were an extension of the catheter, until it reaches the patient, who returns to life.

Hemorio (Institute of Hematology)
Heads Propaganda
Additional credits:
Creative Director: Flávio Medeiros / Silvio Medeiros / Fábio Miraglia
Copywriter: Gabriel Sotero
Art Director: Silvio Medeiros
Production Company: Paranoid Br Films
Director: Daniel Semanas
Conception and Animation: Amanda Grazini / Daniel Semanas / Guma / Paulo Stoker
Audio Company: Lua Nova Audio Production
Music And Lyrics: Teco Fuchs
Musician: Teco Fuchs
Singer: Izadora Molinari

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