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Wash that neofascism right out of your life!

Wash that neofascism right out of your life!


This t-shirt was produced by members of EXIT-Deutschland, a group trying to help German youth in right extremist groups see the error of their ways through positive encouragement. The shirt was designed by Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg, and distributed free by undercover cause agents last August at the hyper-nationalistic Rock Für Deutschland festival.

When washed, the neonazi logo, “Hardcore Rebels. National and Free.” washed off to reveal the words, “If your T-shirt can do it, so can you. We’ll help you break with right-wing extremism.” (along with a call-to-action).

Mark Duffy (aka Copyranter) wonders whether it actually converted anyone. I share that doubt, but as in all guerrilla campaigns, it’s not only about the assumed target audience. It’s all about the mainstream and social coverage that help get their organization on the consideration list for support.

Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg
Copyranter (now on Buzzfeed)

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