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Water is Life: Drinking Cups

Water is Life: Drinking Cups

Safe drinking water is essential. One in eight people lack access to clean water worldwide. So DDB New York launched an experiental campaign that placed drinking cups next to polluted inner city drains and pipes, driving home the message that access to clean water is a privilege. (more after the break)


Although NYC has some of the world’s cleanest tap water, the city is home to lots of areas with fetid water sources. On World Water Day, WaterisLife campaign is inviting people to drink polluted New York City water by installing cup dispensers next to the water source. Each dispenser is filled with an assortment of limited edition WATERisLIFE cups, all designed with global water facts. Drink up New York City!?! “We were looking for places where water outlets were pumped out into the streetscape,” explains Matt Eastwood, Chief Creative Officer of DDB NY. Want some delicious water leaking from a subway ceiling?  The 10 dispensers are located in high-traffic areas throughout New York City. One of the dispensers, for example, is located inside the Bergen St. F/G subway stop in Brooklyn. The dispensers will be up all day. After that, they will remain until someone takes them down.

Source: Fast Company

My warmest recommendation: Don’t drink it!

“Many of us take for granted our faucets, water bottles and drinking fountains. Can you believe the majority of our toilet bowls contain purer water than the murky, disease-infested water that is currently available to over 1.1 billion people?

Some facts to sleep on:

Over 1.8 million people will die this year because of waterborne disease.

6,500 people die each day – 5,000 of those are children.

All these lives are lost because they don’t have clean drinking water.”










Water is Life
ddb new york
Additional credits:
Director Alec Helm
Chief Creative Officer Matt Eastwood
Executive Creative Director Menno Kluin
Copywriter Frank Cartagena
Art Director Sam Shepherd
Designer Juan Carlos Pagan
Designer Joanne O’Neill
Fast Company

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