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Water Less

Water Less


It becomes a tradition, the annual campaign of Denver Water, Colorado’s oldest and largest water utility. Also a tradition on Osocio.
And I love to show them because the campaigns are good every year.

Previous years the campaign was about responsible water use. “Use Only What You Need” was the message. This year Denver Water ask more: use less water on your lawn.

Sukle, the agency behind the campaign: “Outdoor water use amounts to nearly one-half of a household’s annual water usage so that’s what we targeted. And in classic Denver Water fashion we made the visual and message as simple as possible.”

See more campaign items after the break. And see some pictures about how they made the miniatures here.

Previous Denver Water campaigns:
You’re pouring too much water on your lawn (2011)
Denver Water: Waste is Out (2010)
Grass is dumb (2009)
Denver Water: keep our rivers flowing (2008)
Nothing replaces water (2006)




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