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We get where you’re going

We get where you’re going

This is a campaign I worked on, so I won’t editorialize. But Osocio’s international audience may find it interesting to note how hard it is to get people in North America (with the exception of a handful of cities) to use their own public transit systems.

Here, the car remains king, and people who don’t use public transit have a misperception that it is inconvenient, or low-class, or dangerous. So the efforts of transit marketers tend to focus on normalizing the use of transit by depicting lifestyle scenarios that show how transit can connect people with urban and suburban life. Regular riders know that once you familiarize yourself with its routines, a well-run system can actually make your life easier — with no hassles of driving in traffic, finding parking, or having to be a “designated driver” at the bar.

And that’s the connection that these bus shelter posters from the Regional Municipality of York, part of the Greater Toronto Area, are trying to make with riders:




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